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The durable, lightweight canvas is woven in Kansai and dyed, processed and sewn at a factory in Osaka. Easy to carry bag design, paraffin processed for a unique texture which increases as use it over time. 

Cohana: This is a brand named after a Japanese goddess of Mt. Fuji and prosperity who is as beautiful as a blossoming cherry. Cohana offers a modern quality design together with traditional techniques & material production areas, focusing on practical made-in-Japan tools for hand-made crafts.

?Materials: Body: cotton (paraffin coating),? Tag: genuine leather,? Tassel: silk
?Size (approx.): Width 280mm,? Height 100mm (Height incl handle 170mm),? Depth 90mm
?Weight (item only): approx. 122g
?Weight (including packaging materials): approx. 130g
?Made in Osaka
?Brand Name: Cohana